Saturday, 14 July 2012

Natural Harvest Project at Kondurg

Let us retrospect our lives! 

Many of us are born in villages and towns blessed with perfect nature. We had the healthy food satisfy our appetite and fresh air to fill our lungs. Our childhood memories are filled with the green pastures and the mango orchids. 

But, we had to move out of that beautiful place in the search of a colorful career. Many of us have been successful in achieving the dream, but still there is a vacuum in life that is never spoken. The quality of our food has deteriorated; the prices of the food are shooting up the roof; the polluted environment that we live in is creating health issues and our relationship with mother earth is disturbed. Have you ever ponder over this? 

The Real Estate boom has helped the common man to realize his dream of a home in the city. But it has also spun off many problems. The decreasing agricultural land has shot up the commodity prices. The increasing land prices have forced many of the aspiring house owners are buying lands where they can build home. This land however, is a dead investment. So, is there is a solution to this vicious circle? We guess there is one! 

Natural Harvest Project: 
Combining realty with agriculture, Natural Harvest  Project at Kondurg is the first of its kind in the country. The project marries development with the sustainability & food security. Spread over 150 acres of land, the sheer magnanimity of the project would explain the commitment of Perigreen in creating an eco-friendly agri-pocket.  

The project aims to promote farming and benefit the landowner. Since, the methods of cultivation undertaken are green and scientific; the quality is high without an effect on the productivity. 
You can also visit the place any weekend of the year with your family to enjoy the natural picturesque presented to you by the Perigreen team. 

Since, the company believes in making everyone a part of this project and dispel the myth that ‘green practices are costly’. The plot sizes and their corresponding rates are here as following: 

More information will come here 

The availability of the plots of choice might change because of other bookings. You may have a look at the available plots by clicking Here 

Located at 70 kms away from Hyderabad, the project is located closer to Shamshabad Airport in the pockets with a great prospective growth. You can have a look at the location of the project from Hyderabad on the map provided. (Please follow the violet line) 

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